Beware of “How to hack Instagram” tutorials which urge you to download a tool

On the internet, there are thousands of fake guides, which claim that it is possible to hack Instagram accounts by using their software, but did you know that a lot of these How to hack Instagram guides instruct their victims to use software which is actually loaded with malicious code.

This malicious software  will try to steal the Instagram credentials or any other credential from the device which is running the “How to hack Instagram software“.

The sites which will claim to hold a illegal tool that is possible to breach Instagram accounts will often use these type of names to “sell” their software to their victims:

  • Hack Extreme Instagram
  • Instagram Hacker
  • Instagram Password Hacker

How to hack Instagram scammers on the internet

The scammers which are behind the Instagram hacking websites, will make sure that they have a good looking website — a lot of these scammers are familiar with various methods which allow them to increase their infection rate.

The scammers will think about:

  • Creating good looking website
  • Providing customer support at the start fase
  • Making sure that you download the file

Instagram hacking tools vs Antivirus programs

A lot of these Instagram hacking tools do get noticed by antivirus applications, but it is possible that some might slip through the sensors of the antivirus application which is running on the device.


In 99% of the cases, the Instagram hacking tools are fake, and the other 1% are brute forcing tools, which will take ages to complete.

Example of a Brute Force attack on a WordPress website. This attack is recognized very quickly!
Example of a Brute Force attack on a WordPress website. This attack is recognized very quickly!

Ethical hackers

Ethical hackers have methods which allow them to penetrate any environment which is operated by humans.

The Instagram account of public users (not Instagram employees) are often very vulnerable to social engineering attacks, and so I strongly urge you to stay away from tools which claim to be capable of hacking Instagram accounts.

Social Engineering attack example.
Social Engineering attack example.

As you can see from the picture above, it is way easier for someone to apply an social engineering attack instead of using brute force tools which get recognized and identified very quickly.

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