Beware of “call of duty free cp points” scams

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The popular game Call of Duty allows players to buy skins and gear with Call Of Duty Points (CP). Players can play matches to earn these coins during the game, but you can also buy them directly from the Call of Duty in-game market.

Now, of course, not everyone has the money to buy CP points for warzone, and because of this, people start looking on the web for “free call of duty CP points”. Cyber criminals and scammers have noticed this and they have created fake websites which promise CP points.

Fake CoD points and credits website

People are getting scammed

The websites of these “call of duty free cp points” providers look very nice, on first sight, you might think that you are dealing with a legitimate identity. The buttons for the social media accounts are there and they have a contact form. I took a look at the mentioned items, and the contact form was very basic, no details about the company behind it is provided. The social media icons didn’t have any function. No social media accounts can be found directly on the site.

Fake CODPointsandcredits packages

The scam behind theses sites is to force the users to follow an questionnaire. These questionnaires are monetized and are set in such places that most users will actually finish them. The user which is looking for the CP points will finish the questionnaire and as a result, nothing will happen. The scammer has earned it’s money and the user has just lost time.

Call of Duty points scam
Call of Duty credits scam

My advice

Don’t spend your time searching for Call of Duty credits via suspicious websites. You will only lose your time and mood as you will not succeed in getting any coins.

  • Never share your login details
  • Report sites like this to keep other players safe
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