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Beware of this new hacking tool ‘SilentBytes’ which enables hackers to take over your pc

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System administrators and home users beware, one of the latest hacking tools that is being sold on hacking forums is the SilentBytes Remote Administration Tool.

The SilentBytes RAT allows cybercriminals to create malware that can type any type of form. It can disguise itself as a picture, document, pdf, video, game or any type of legitimate looking computer application.

The current price of the RAT is 13 dollars – which provides lifetime support. The support includes keeping the RAT up to date to it will be able to dodge detection by antivirus programs.

SilentBytes RAT

To make it even more interesting, the forum includes the review score of the SilentByte RAT. The review was performed by ‘trusted’ hacking forum users.

Infected machines overview of the RAT
The RAT provides a fancy map
Additional information from infected clients

They state that the GUI should receive 8.5 points out of 10.

The GUI is very clean and has a simple layout. Everything is exactly where you would expect it to be and it makes using the program much easier. I wish some of the features were labled a bit better but it has not impeded my usage at all.

The overview review provided a 9 out of 10 score.

Over my time of using RAT’s I have not used many Java based ones and the ones I did use were not very stable. SilentBytes however defies this norm as I have found it to be quite stable and running very smoothly. I have had no problems with clients disconnecting or not connecting at all and it runs perfectly on every operating system I have tested it on.

The Features review score was 10 out of 10

SilentBytes also has more features than you would expect from a Java RAT and they all work quite well. It has one of the smoothest remote desktops I have ever seen on a RAT and none of the features impact its great stability.

In overall they stated that it should get a 9 out of 10 as a score

Overall this RAT (from my experience using it) is extremely well coded and runs great. This is one of the first Java RAT’s I can confidently recommend for usage.

You can view the demo which has been made by the seller of the RAT on Youtube.

Tips on how to stay safe:
1. Install AntiVirus
2. Update AntiVirus
3. Run AV each time before shutdown or sleepmode.

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