Beware of the Facebook Profile Spy application

Facebook users are being spammed with the Profile Spy Facebook application, this application claims that it is able to provide insight on who has viewed your Facebook profile. The Facebook Profile Spy application has been crafted within Facebook, so it can be downloaded and used within the Facebook environment, which makes it very dangerous.

This application allows the developer to access thousands of unaware victims Facebook profiles. The operator will then be able to send various messages via the infected profiles, these messages could lead to malicious websites or dangerous environments. In the worst case scenario, the information will be sold to other third-parties which will results in massive spam on the obtained communication addresses like email, and instant messaging services.

Defend yourself against the Facebook Profile Spy application scam

It is very important to keep your security status high. Hackers and cybercriminals are scanning the internet for vulnerable targets, they do this in an automated process, which allows them to scan at least 100 websites each minute.

The hackers will also create malicious applications which run on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and operating systems.

Use a legal and activited antivirus program, update the program before you run the antivirus.

Check your social media applications for weird applications and old applications which you do not use

Inform your environment, especially if you see someone sharing a virus, scam or hoax.

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