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The best Quadrapeutics cancer treatment review

Quadrapeutics cancer treatment

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The Quadrapeutics cancer treatment is capable of killing cancer cells without damaging the tisues which are surrounding the cancer cells. The Quadrapeutics cancer treatment has been discoverd and researched by the Rice University.

They have published a video on youtube which shows the effect of the Quadrapeutics cancer treatment. The new technique literally rips cancer cells apart from the inside. In mice, it has has been shown to destroy tumours within one week.

Lead author Dmitri Lapotko Quadrapeutics cancer treatment

“Quadrapeutics shifts the therapeutic paradigm for cancer from materials- drugs or nanoparticles- to mechanical events that are triggered on demand only inside cancer cells,” said Dmitri Lapotko, lead author of the study, in a press-release.

Intracellular synergy

“What kills the most-resistant cancer cells is the intracellular synergy of these components and the events we trigger in cells,”

100-fold amplification

“This synergy showed a 100-fold amplification of the therapeutic strength of standard chemoradiation in experiments on cancer cell cultures.”

Results of the Quadrapeutics cancer treatment on Mices

When the system was tested in mice with aggressive, chemotherapy resistant head and neck squamous cell carcinomas, it was found to be so effective that only between 2-6% of the normal clinical doses of drugs and X-rays were required. Furthermore, the tumors were eliminated within just week one of administering the therapy and the surrounding normal tissues were spared.

Quadrapeutics cancer treatment

What do they use in the Quadrapeutics cancer treatment

  • combined encupsulated drugs
  • colloidal gold nanoparticles
  • short laser pusles
  • x-rays

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