Best OSINT Tools For Social Media

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Greetings, cybersecurity enthusiasts! Let’s dive straight into the hot topic of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools designed specifically for social media platforms.

Best OSINT Tools For Social Media

Impact of using OSINT tools for social media
Impact of using OSINT tools for social media

Hashatit: The Hashtag Specialist

Have you ever wanted to streamline your hashtag searches across all the major social media platforms? Hashatit is the tool for you. It displays relevant posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more, all in one place. Unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to smaller online communities like message boards, chan boards, and alt-tech social networks.

Snap Map: Geotagging Wonder

Snapchat’s Snap Map gives you a bird’s eye view of geotagged posts worldwide. This feature offers a reliable way to understand the ground reality in a specific area, as it’s challenging for users to spoof coordinates in their content.

Boardreader: For the Forum Fanatics

Boardreader is a one-stop-shop for searching content from blogs, forums, or message boards. However, the free version comes with certain constraints. It can’t access posts from any forums that require a login page and doesn’t scan industry-specific message boards.

Live UA Map: Social Media News Aggregator

Want to know what’s happening around the world in real-time? Live UA Map curates breaking news from social media, giving you an immediate visual snapshot on a map interface.

Trendsmap: Trend Tracking and Spam Detection

To keep your finger on the pulse of trending topics, look no further than Trendsmap. This tool highlights the top hashtags and keywords over the past few hours, ensuring you’re never out of the loop. Plus, its spam detection system guarantees these trending terms are from actual humans, not bots.

Ultimate Social Media Management Tools with OSINT Capabilities

Here are some highly recommended social media management tools that could also be used for open source intelligence (OSINT) purposes.

Social Media Management Tools with OSINT Capabilities benefits
Social Media Management Tools with OSINT Capabilities benefits

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has captured the market as the go-to tool for social media monitoring. The software is equipped with features such as Analytics, Listening, Engagement, Publishing & Scheduling, and Employee Advocacy.


Hootsuite’s intuitive tracking has propelled many businesses towards incredible success on social media. One such success story involves a candy company owner who used Hootsuite to skyrocket her sales by 750%.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social offers useful features like Analytics and Monitoring to help you optimize your social media performance. Forbes labeled it as the best social media management tool for individual creators in 2023.


Meltwater offers a comprehensive suite of tools for social media marketing. Domino’s Pizza is one brand that used Meltwater to boost their content engagement by a whopping 5000%.


Agorapulse provides all the necessary features for social media tracking. Many of its 11,000+ customers commend it for streamlining their social media processes.


Designed for agencies, Sendible helps you monitor your brand’s performance, schedule your posts, and engage with your customers. A company called Amelia Rose Media used Sendible to increase a client’s engagement by 20%.


Brand24 is perfect for brands focused on social media monitoring. It even offers a Sentiment Analysis feature to gauge customer feelings towards your brand.


Used by over 750,000 marketers, Mention provides basic social media monitoring and allows you to track your competitors’ performance.


Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that monitors all your social media channels simultaneously. It helped the brand Drive to boost their average customer spend by 89%.


Keyhole helps you monitor and utilize your brand’s social media data. Its features are trusted by big brands like Google, L’Oréal, and Amazon.

Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Brandwatch’s Consumer Intelligence platform collects millions of data related to your brand using AI. Companies like Delta, Nestle, and GSK utilize this tool for social media monitoring.


Eclincher offers a Monitoring & Listening feature along with several other tools. Jason Gordon, the CEO of Strong Social, claimed that Eclincher’s social inbox tools outperformed Sprout Social.


Synthesio is an AI-powered platform that provides quick insights into consumer behavior and market trends. Beauty brand L’Oréal praised it for its time-saving benefits.


Iconosquare lets you monitor your brand’s performance on multiple social media platforms. Major brands like Netflix, IKEA, Patagonia, and Sony Music have used it.


Tailwind is a social media tracking solution for brands on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. It is trusted by over 1 million brands, including Shopify, CB2, and Jenny Yoo.


HubSpot’s Marketing Hub offers marketing tools to improve social media performance, though it may not be the best choice if your focus is solely on social media marketing.


Talkwalker uses image, video, and speech recognition technology to monitor both visual and text-based conversations about your brand.


Nexalogy is a social media intelligence tool trusted by brands like Ford, Yellow Pages, and Telefilm Canada. It provides easy-to-read visualizations showing your brand’s performance.


Mentionlytics is a social media tracking tool that monitors mentions of your brand and allows you to join the conversations around your brand.


Tweepsmap is an AI-driven software that provides in-depth analysis of any Twitter account. Boeing, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, and many other well-known companies use it.


RivalIQ allows you to monitor more than just your mentions. It offers features to track your competition and analyze hashtags, used by companies like Lung Cancer Alliance and Urban Decay.


Atribus offers a multi-faced social media monitoring tool designed to improve your brand reputation, including image recognition and competitive intelligence tools.


YouScan uses AI-powered visual scanning technology to search for elements within images that are related to your brand, providing real-time consumer insights.


Awario promises immediate results for conversations about your brand across the internet. It scans more than 13 billion webpages every day, making it an efficient tool for real-time monitoring and sentiment analysis.

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