The best music to listen while you are hacking – 2014 series

Hackers enjoy their time with hacking. But did you know that each type of hacker has it’s own kind of music? Which type of music do hackers listen to?

This will be the article, where you can leave your music list of hacking music. Do not hesitate to add your list. Bad comments will be deleted. All music is acceptable. Enjoy the hacking music list!

This is my personal music hacking list

“Queens of the stone age – go with the flow” is the perfect intro music for hacking. ┬áJust listen to the music, and watch the video clip and you will understand why. Just go with the floowwwwww.

After listening to some Queens of the Stone age, I like to listen to the “Sick Sad Little World” track of “Incubus”.