The Best Instagram Security Tips

Instagram was formed in 2010, as an iOS-only photo sharing app, nobody could imagine how popular this service would get. Today Instagram has over 400 million active users worldwide and is available on all major mobile platforms. The key features on Instagram are video sharing (up to 15 seconds), photo sharing, and its backing by Facebook, the massive social network that purchased Instagram for $1 billion in 2012.

However, there are some security and privacy risks associated with Instagram, just like there are with all media sharing or social network services.

Users should be aware of these risks and take steps to protect themselves. Moreover, 20 percent of Internet users are active on Instagram. Almost 90 percent of these users are under the age of 35. So, it’s imperative that parents of young adults track their children’s activities on Instagram and ensure they are not exposed to unwanted risks online.

The Best Instagram User Security Tips

Know and Use Your Privacy Settings

Always make sure your settings restrict anyone from following you without a request being sent to you and your approval. This way people can’t see your pictures unless they’re following you, which means your photos are not posted in the public domain. This is the most effective and easiest way to stay secure while using Instagram. Here are some tips.

Switch Off Your Location Sharing Filter

Do you share your location on a map when you click and post pictures? This is not a good idea. This setting will allow unwanted people to get your exact coordinates, this can hamper your online integrity and privacy. The best thing you can do is turn off location sharing on the app and let the images speak for themselves.

Instamacro suggest that if you are using tools then ensure that they are safe and won’t cause problems for your Instagram, look for secure sites and use common sense.

Be Smart When Choosing Your Profile Picture

If you choose a profile picture that clearly shows your face, and your first name or last name is visible, it can be easy for a nefarious person to search for you online and gather information about you. This information is often available in the public domain. You should either use a generic profile image or an image that does not clearly show your face. You may also consider using a variation of your name if it’s unique and easily identifiable.

Be Careful About the Pictures You Share

Ultimately, each photo you post on the Internet will end up in the wrong hands. There are several tools you can use that allow people to get their hands on your pictures and misuse them. Be smart about it, and don’t post pictures you don’t want others to see. Refrain from posting compromising, offensive, or personal images. You never know where these images might end up.

Regularly Go Through the Instagram “Privacy and Safety Center”

Instagram has a detailed security center, like most social networks, it contains relevant security information and instructions for protecting your privacy while you’re using the site. You can visit the Instagram Privacy and Safety Center to obtain detailed information about the website’s efforts to protect you and your information.

Over the years, there have been over 30 billion photos shared on Instagram. It can be a treasure trove for people who love photos. However, with so many images making the rounds, it increases the chance of your security being compromised. By taking the right precautions and with a little knowledge, you can avoid disaster. However, it doesn’t hurt to receive and share, as much security advice as possible.

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