The best guide on how to hack a Facebook account

This is the best Facebook hacking guide on the internet. There is not one guide which provides in depth details on how to hack a Facebook account.

You read it in the news and on Facebook timelines, hackers seem to have a method to hack a Facebook account. So what is this method? and how does this Facebook hacking method work? Well first of all, it is possible because of a major loop hole in the Facebook environment.

Why do people want to hack Facebook accounts?

It is not always the cybercriminals that want to obtain credentials of a specific Facebook account. Lets take a look at the possible scenario’s why someone would want to hack a Facebook account.

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Parents, will stay parents. It does not matter if you are 13 years old, or 30 years old. Your parents will try to keep you safe. Some of the parents seek assistance via monitoring software, or with the help of Google. What happends next is that the parents will land on malicious websites, which will try to infect them with malware. The parents that do succeed to find a package to hack a Facebook account, will often end up paying for the package.

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Boyfriend / Girlfriend

If you have a partner, it might be possible that your partner wishes to spy on you. The partner will search online for free Facebook hacking tools, which will allow them to hijack a specific Facebook account.


Many people share their deepest and darkest secrets, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes with their friends. And this is the reason why people want access to others account to know everything about them.

In todays world many professional hackers are offering services to hack Facebook accounts. But they charge anywhere from 100$ – 10,000$ for a single account. But wait do people actually pay so much to hack someone? Yes they do. For example if you are a business and want to see what your competition is doing or take them down, this kind of money is not a big deal. Similarly people have various reasons to hack Facebook accounts.

So where do I get a working Facebook hacking application?

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You will have to search for hackers that are willing to setup a social engineering attack. It is almost  impossible for a hacker to obtain a specific Facebook account credential via a direct hack on the Facebook servers, this would take a lot of time and effort from the hacker. So, the hacker will choose a direct and easy way to hack a specific user account. They will use a social engineering attack.

Please be warned that hackers will launch fake applications to infect unaware people with malware. Hackers will use fake “Facebook hacking” applications to infect unaware users. You have  been warned.

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