The best GoPro video hoax

The GoPro camera has just been released and people are creating a lot of GoPro videos.

On Youtube you will be able to view the latest GoPro videos which will show you shocking experiences.

Did you know that a person filmed how he got robbed by 3 criminals? He captured everything with his GoPro camera, but the criminal did not notice the GoPro recorded.

Don’t you think it is weird that someone will not see or mention the GoPro camera during a robbery? Take a look at the footage below. You tell me, is it real or is it a GoPro video hoax?

The footage above has been recorded by Malcom Fox, he was mountain biking outside of Somerset West, South Africa. Malcom showed the footage to the police, and reports claim that the suspects were arrested within two days. The follow video which has gone viral is the GoPro shark video. It shows how a male dives from a cliff. Once he hits the water, he faces a Great White Shark. The footage has been taken in the Sydney Harbour.

Do you think they are real or fake?!


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