The best gifts for cyber security consultants and hackers

Awesome, in this article I am going to publish a list of awesome gifts which will be appreciated by cyber security consultants and ethical hackers, I will skip the “black hats” because they always get what they want.

These presents can be given during Christmas, Birthdays, Parties and other types of celebrations. There is really no limit to the type of AWESOME gifts which are currently available for cyber security consultants and ethical hackers.

The first thing which crossed my mind were Bit coins. Cyber security experts and ethical hackers will sometimes be forced to use Bit coin transactions to obtain the information or tool which they desire. A bit coin donation will allow the cyber security consultant and ethical hacker to pursue his online dreams.

Bitcoin worth 1


A Bit coin transaction will benefit the Ethical hacker and cyber security consultant because it will be an online revenue which can be exchanged on various shops and underground forums.

Bitcoin worth 0.1

Drones are awesome and they will stay awesome. Cyber security consultants and ethical hackers will have a lot of fun with drones as it will allow them to take their tools in the sky. There are various drones available but I would suggest to buy a cheap “helicopter” for the cyber security consultant or ethical hacker first – the reason behind this is the fact that it will allow them to train themselves with a cheap helicopter drone instead of training on a 200 + euro drone.

helicopter drone cheap

Once the helicopter is under full control, I strongly urge you to get the cyber security consultant or ethical hacker a Parrot drone.

Another cool present is the Raspberry PI computer which is an small computer which allows the ethical hacker or cyber security consultant to run an Linux operating system on the small computer (Raspberry PI). The cyber security consultant or ethical hacker will be able to modify the small computer to its own taste. The possibilities of a small computer are endless, the cyber security consultant could install an awesome media player on the Raspberry Pi or it could be used to perform ethical hacking operations.

Raspberry Pi

I have been owning the ALFA NETWORK wireless adapter for a while and I can state that it is a very strong Wi-Fi adapter which allows me to connect to far ranged Wi-Fi antenna’s (Access points). This allows me to perform ethical hacking actions without being seen. The ALFA NETWORK adapters are really a must have for each cyber security consultant or ethical hacker.

Alfa network adapter

USB sticks and data storage are always needed. If you are having a hard time to find a nice present for your cyber security consultant or ethical hacker, you can always buy an USB stick which has encryption enabled on it. It will be appreciated, and if not  – tell them you will disable internet.

key usb stick


Do not buy an Windows license. The cyber security consultant or ethical hacker will often use open source environments like Linux which are FREE. It is sometimes needed for an cyber security consultant to use a Windows computer but when the time is there, they will find a way to use a genuine and legal Windows environment.

The same goes for the Windows Office license. Do not buy anything which says Windows or Microsoft for your cyber security consultant or ethical hacker. They do not need it.

If you want to buy a laptop, bring the cyber security consultant or ethical hacker with you. Do not simply go to a shop and buy the most expensive laptop. A cyber security consultant will need a strong laptop. But hey, if you cannot wait – I will give you some ideas on what the Laptop will need. Be prepared, this is going to be a bit technical.

  • i7 processor or AMD variant of the i7 processor
  • At least 8GB of working memory
  • SSD hard disks at least 256GB
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • 4x USB 2.0 ports
  • Console port
  • Ethernet port (preferred are 2 Ethernet ports)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Port for audio
  • DVD-Reader and BURNER

The specifications above will allow the Laptop seller to exactly understand the type of Laptop you need.


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