The best Fifa World Cup 2014 cyber security guide

The Fifa World Cup 2014 event will bring a lot of happiness and challenges. Security professional have been warned about the possible cyber-attacks which might be initiated during the FIFA World Cup 2014 event in Brazil. The ‘Fifa World Cup 2014 cyber security guide’ will take a look at the possible challenges which companies might face during the FIFA World Cup 2014 event.

The world cup is getting a lot of attention as it is a massive event which will create a massive revenue for the sponsors, the players and the cybercriminals.

FIFA World Cup cybercriminals

The cybercriminals will use the FIFA World cup to infect unaware people with malicious applications. The hackers will install point-of-sales malware, and they will use remote administration tools to administer their infected victim devices. Various security companies have published a Fifa World Cup 2014 report which clearly states that hackers and cybercriminals will initiate cyber-attacks on unaware people during the Fifa World Cup 2014 event.

anonymous fifa world cup 2014 potential target list
anonymous fifa world cup 2014 potential target list

Sochi 2014 Olympic games

During the Sochi events in Russia, the US-cert provided a clear statement on what the people should be aware of. The US-cert published the report on their website. During the Sochi events, various hacktivists initiated cyber-attacks on the Sochi sponsors and affiliates. The hacktivists initiated DDoS attacks on Sochi affiliates and partners.

Anonymous Brazil

A couple of days ago the Anonymous Brazil Facebook page, received the ‘verified’ badge. The verified Anonymous Brazil Facebook page holds the latest information about the Anonymous hacktivist operations which will be initiated by the Anonymous hacktivists.