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The best cyber security blogs & authors

To show you that we are the number one resource for cyber security information we have made a massive collection of cyber security blogs and authors. These cyber security blogs have been collected so you can aggregate and use the information that is shared by the authors on the cyber security blog websites.

These cyber security blogs write on various subjects which are found in the cyber security field. Topics on malware, forensics and cyberattacks will be found in this collection of cyber security blogs. As you might know cyber security professionals enjoy the awareness they are able to spread through their blogs. Do not hesitate to share or tweet their articles as it will provide them possible information which they can use.

Often blogs are started by security companies and juniors to expand and share their knowledge. It might be possible that we have forgotten a couple cyber security blogs in this massive list. If that is the case, please use the contact form to inform us about a new cyber security blog which needs to be added to this list. This list is made in a random order so that new cyber security blogs will have a chance on some new readers. We hope that you enjoy this massive list on cyber security blogs and authors. We used the list provided by ddosattackprotection to build the cyber security blogs excel sheet.

To make it easier for us and you, we have saved the cyber security blogs to this cyber security blogs excel sheet which you can download for free. The excel sheet is password protected.

The password to open the excel sheet is:


Various articles have been published by the mentioned cyber security blogs, on which people you should follow on Twitter. Take a look at the following lists which provide you the Twitter accounts of the authors which run the cyber security blogs:

The people behind these cyber security blogs are often attacked by cybercriminals as they provide important information which is used to stop cyberattacks and takedown command and control servers. If you are searching for a massive collection of cyber security tools, then you need to take a look at the cyber security tools list 2014 collection. On the mentioned security blogs you will find various tutorials on how to use the provided tools in the cyber security tools list collection. We have also made a massive collection of password wordlists which can be used by cyber security experts to audit their authorized targets.

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