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Do you want to spend money on computer hacking gear? Then you need to read this guide first which will give insight on the best computer hacking gear which can be bought and downloaded for free.

It is important to know what type of computer hacking gear you want to buy.

It can be Wi-Fi hacking hardware, or you could buy computer hacking software.

The difference between computer hacking software and hardware

Let’s start with the hardware, it is solid, you can hold it and you can move it around. The computer hacking gear which comes in hardware shapes provides the following advantages:

  • It is solid, so you can repair it
  • You can send it back to the manufacturer if it is broken
  • You can open it and research it
  • You can add additional hardware (if the device allows it)
  • You can hack the hardware

Computer hacking gear which is provided via software has the following advantages:

  • Team of developers which are working on the project
  • Active software community
  • Updates provided by the developers
  • Plugins provided by the developers


A perfect example of computer hacking gear is the Alpha Wi-Fi adapter (hardware), this adapter has a very strong signal which allows security experts and hackers to perform brutal Wi-Fi cyber-attacks.

Alpha Networks WiFi Hacking Gear

Alpha Networks WiFi Hacking Gear

The Alpha Wi-Fi adapter is provided in various shapes and versions. Do remember that each version has its own capabilities. For example, one version is better for ‘close-range’ attacks.

If you are looking for software, you might enjoy the Acunetix vulnerability scanner which allows cybersecurity experts to scan for vulnerabilities in an automated process.

The video above shows how easy it is to use automated vulnerability scanners to find weaknesses in a specific environment. The found vulnerabilities can be exploited via the Metasploit Framework or private written code.

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