The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Digitally Disconected after hack

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is completely disconnected from the internet. The Ministry suspect that computers have been hacked this weekend and confidential files about Ukraine have been copied.

Belgian newspaper Detijd report about the hack and wrote  Saturday that a malicious virus was detected and wrote  NO one can surf or able to use emails in Ministry.

Who¬†is behind the hack ?¬†Everything indicates that the Russians ¬†government hacked our computers ” read the article.

A spokesman for the Belgian Ministry confirmed to Reuters that the system has been hacked, but said it is still unclear who is responsible, We are trying to identify the perpetrators are. It is therefore premature to conclude who is behind this, he said.

After several time crisis talk in Belgian Government, Prime Minister Di Rupo ordered to disconect the FM ministry from the internet as security mesure.

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