How to become a cyber security expert

Do you want to have a career in the cyber security field? Then you will need to  start your road to becoming a security expert. Before we start about what you will need, I will debunk some crazy demands in the cyber security world. Education is important, lets keep that in mind, but a lot of companies are asking juniors for 5 years of cyber security experience. This is something impossible to achieve, so how do you win the trust of the client to hire you in their project? It is by working hard and studying hard.

Start doing some research on the fields that you like. For example I am interested in Social Engineering, Ethical hacking and Cyberconflicts. So I started a website ( which I use to collect and research topics on the mentioned fields above.


Here on some ideas on how to add experience to your Cyber Security Expert  C.V.:

  • Become a speaker at conferences (Talk about your research)
  • Inform people about threats (Become a security blogger)
  • Start writing codes (Companies love people that are able to write code)
  • Think out of the box. Don’t become the NEXT [YOUR IDOL], be your own, stay original
  • Communicate with the Security network for possible internship programs

Ambition is priceless

If you are highly motivated you will have a huge ambition. This is something which people love to see as it will spark their own fire as they will help you in your career as they will see a huge motivation.

Start practising with security tools

I can not stress enough on how important it is to have HANDS-ON experience. This means that you are able to perform a task without doing to much research on it. Start using the Kali Linux environment to try and test various security tools which are often demanded by clients. We also listed a TOP 5 of the most used vulnerability tools. These tools are used by security experts to automate their search for vulnerabilities. Remember that a good cyber security expert will also use manual methods to find vulnerabilities. Fineally you can use this massive security tools list if you need to have a specific tool.

Stay Ethical

Do not cross to the Dark side young padawan. Why? As it is illegal and it will harm your credebility when you try to apply for future jobs. Do not use your techniques to do harm. Use your knowledge to provide a more secure environment. This is what security experts do.

Find companies that have the time to train you

Once you apply for a job as a junior security expert you will need to keep in mind that your primairy focus should be to gain knowledge on how to become a better security expert.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself

A security expert needs to be able to explain the output of the reports to the client. This means that you will need to be able to communicate with people that are not in the security field. Make sure that the client understands what is being told and that everything is clear.

During conferences and talks you will be able to network with a lot of people in the same security field. Make sure that you connect with people, talk about various security topics. People enjoy talking about those topics during security conferences.

Raise awareness

Each security expert will need to raise awareness about the threats that hitting the unaware. Take a look at the following video which shows how a hacker uses a girls webcam to spy on her. These type of videos are perfect to share with your environment as it will provide a keen insight on the threats which the internet brings.

There are various ways to Rome

Do not depend on this guide only. Make sure that you talk with cyber security experts about how you can continue to the next step in your career. As I said, it is all about networking. Make sure to read this article on cyber security experts which have a relationship.

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