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Be aware: Rabobank users targeted by SMS with instructions to click on link

Be aware, cybercriminals are sending out SMS messages in order to lure unaware users to a malicious Rabobank site which has been setup by the cybercriminals.

The cybercriminals try to get the user to perform action with the following sms message: 

Beste Klant,  Omdat u nog geen Rabo Scanner gekoppeld heeft is uw account in de quarantainezone geplaatst.  Blokkade voorkomen?  Ga nu naar www.raboscanner[.]com

The message above tells the user that their Rabobank application has not been activated, and that the inactive account has been placed in isolation. In order to be de-listed from the isolation list, the user is triggered to visit the malicious raboscanner[.]com scanner website.

Indicators of compromise:

  • www.raboscanner.com
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