Bangladeshi Hackers Paralyze Italian Airports: The Rise of Mysterious Team and Its Geopolitical Implications

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Three Italian airports were plunged into disarray as their websites were taken offline by a Bangladesh-based hacking group known as Mysterious Team. This incident adds to the growing list of cybersecurity threats that have geopolitical ramifications.

The Attack: What Happened?

On October 25, 2023, the websites of airports in Puglia, Calabria, and Valle D'Aosta were rendered inaccessible. A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack overwhelmed the servers, effectively putting the websites out of commission. Mysterious Team claimed responsibility for these attacks through their X (ex-Twitter) channel.

Who Are Mysterious Team?

First surfacing in 2020, Mysterious Team quickly gained international attention with a series of escalating cyberattacks. Unlike traditional cybercriminals, they are hacktivists—driven by a cause. Their mission is rooted in political and religious beliefs, primarily against India and Israel. They have already amassed a substantial portfolio, with 750 DDoS attacks and over 70 web defacements to their name.

Italy’s Cybersecurity Landscape

This event brings Italy into focus, a country not conventionally in the crosshairs of cyber-activists. The Italian Agency for Cybersecurity has noted an uptick in web activity and cyber threats, corroborating the global trend of increased cyber risk.

Geopolitical Context

Mysterious Team’s activities extend far beyond simple hacktivism. They have targeted critical infrastructures, financial institutions, and government organizations. Their attacks are aimed at India and Israel, nations that have strengthened ties in recent years. This could signify a broader geopolitical agenda.

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