Hoax: Bananas infected with aids

The Bananas infected with aids hoax is circulating the web. Beware of posts which claim that bananas have been infected with aids. The posts are hoaxes which are linking to malicious websites.

The title of the hoax post:

Danger! Doctors discovered thousands of bananas that are infected with AIDS. This is incredible! Be careful.

Bananas infected with aids hoax

The bananas infected with aids hoax is currently circulating on Facebook and people are sharing the post because they think they are informing people to be aware of bananas which are infected with aids.

banana aids hoax.fw

But they are wrong;

The post which claim that bananas are infected with aids is hosted on a website which has been setup to generate an online revenue by luring people to the site with fake posts.

Once the user lands on the website, the user will be forced to click on fake video which will redirect the user to another website. That website will host a survey which the user has to complete before the video can be watched. Once the video is clicked, the video will not play and the user will be forced to download an additional program to run the video.

Please be aware of this hoax. Share this information with your environment so that they will not get their devices infected with malware.

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