Backup MX Services – How They Work for Your Enterprise

A mail server is a server that handles e-mails. The mail server is also referred to as the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) in technical descriptions. This is not only used for internet e-mail, but also for internal mail.

The Mail server usually has two tasks namely delivering mail to a computer called client and forwarding mails to other mail servers.

We can divide mail servers into the following different types:

  • POP mail server This is a mail server that ensures that you can retrieve the e-mail from a mail server. Here you remove the mail from the server and put it on your own system.
  • SMTP mail server ensures that the e-mail you want to send also goes to the address you entered. A copy of the mail remains on your computer under sent mails.
  • IMAP mail server looks a bit like a POP mail server because it also ensures that you receive mails but at this server a copy of the received mail remains on the server. You can therefore say that all your mails in the inbox are synchronized.
  • Exchange mail server is a server that ensures that your incoming and outgoing mails are synchronized and that your agenda and address book are synchronized.

Email backup solution

Approximately 70 percent of all lost data is due to accidental or harmful deletion of data by end users. Other ways in which data can be lost are misconfiguration, client synchronization problems and recently the widespread presence of malware and ransomware, which can make data useless.

Basic recovery with Microsoft Office 365
Although Microsoft Office 365 offers some basic recovery options for trash and email storage, Office 365 ensures that the availability of services and data is not disrupted. It is your responsibility to protect the data that you store in the Office 365 cloud.


With DuoCircle you do not have to worry about how to manage your mx service, the security of your mail server, the backup solution for your mail, and the guarantee that the backup will work.

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