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I believe that if you can make life easy, you should. It is also for that reason, I have put the awesome Github RCE techniques repository on Cyberwarzone.

So what is RCE

According to the globally accepted description, Remote Code Execution is an attack which allows an attacker to execute malicious code remotely.

The RCE repo

Use cases

You can use this information to assist you in performing audits and penetration tests. The information provided shows you step by step how to perform specific RCE.

Topics covered

The following systems and frameworks are covered in the RCE repository:

  1. Drupal
  2. FuelCMS
  3. GiTea
  4. Gitlab
  5. JBoss
  6. Jenkins
  7. JoGet
  8. Joomla
  9. LimeSurvey
  10. Moodle
  11. Other
  12. SweetRice
  13. Tomcat
  14. Typo3
  15. WildFly
  16. WordPress
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