Be aware of the Wade gets hit in the face by Lebron virus

Cybercriminals have launched a new campaign on the internet, this time they are after Wade and Lebron.

The famous basketbal players are being used in a new scam which claims that they have had been in a fight.

The malicious message which is titled ‘Wade gets hit in the face by Lebron after game 4 finals” is just another scheme which is being used by cybercriminals to earn a online revenue.

These type of schemes are used by click farms as they have a high rate of making content go viral. The hackers behind the scheme use various techniques to infect unaware people.

Wade gets hit in the face by Lebron

Wade gets hit in the face by Lebron

The malicious Wade gets hit in the face by Lebron website is demands the victim to share the video on their Facebook timeline, one the victim has shared the page, they will be redirected to another website which will demand them to enter a survey. This survey is used by the cybercriminal as it will earn them a online revenue.

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Please inform your friends and family about this virus.

If you see someone which is sharing this Facebook hoax, then inform them as this will stop the hoax from spreading.

We all thank you in advance!