Be aware of the Tulisa leaked tape

Cybercriminals have obtained the tape of the UK singer Tulisa Contostavlos, and they are spreading the leaked tape on the internet. The Tulisa Contostavlos fans are in shock, as the tape is being shared in a very nasty way.

The hackers behind the leaked Tulisa Contostavlos tape are using the name of the UK singer to infect devices with malicious codes.

The hackers will try to share their virusses via the fake ‘leaked tapes’ of Tulisa, they will change the video with a virus and as the user wants to watch the video, they will get infected by the malicious Tulisa Contostavlos leaked tape.

Tulisa Contostavlos leaked tape

The Tulisa leaked tape

The tape is fake and it will only give you a virus, be aware as the hackers will use various techniques to infect unaware people with these kind of malware. Tulisa Contostavlos has published a autobiography on Amazon and she is still active in the music industry.

Tulisa Contostavlos is one of the most talented and high-profile recording artists working in the UK today. She has three platinum N-Dubz albums, four MOBO awards, a groundbreaking drama series, two documentaries, a MIND award and an X Factor judge’s win under her belt. Not bad for a girl who’s not yet twenty-five.

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