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Be aware of ‘leaked snapchats’ scams

Leaked SnapChat scams

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Cybercriminals and hackers will launch various scams to infect unaware internet users. Leaked snapchats are being used by cybercriminals to setup malicious websites and scams. The scams infect the unaware users with malicious applications and surveys.

Snapchat is a photo messaging application, leaked snapchat pictures are often used by cybercriminals to setup scams.

Celebrities leaked snapchats are being used or crafted by the hackers to create malicious schemes. The celebrities LIL Wayne, Iggy Azalea, Jay-Z and many more have been used by cybercriminals to craft malicious pages which infect unaware people.

Leaked Snapchats

The ‘leaked Snapchats’ are crafted by cybercriminals as a lot of people want to see leaked snapchat messages. They will use a photo-editing program to craft fake ‘leaked snapchat’ messages. A skilled editor will be able to create a ‘fake’ leaked snapchat message in 5 minutes.

They make the ‘snapchat’ messages go viral

The cybercriminals behind the ‘snapchat’ scams will use various methods and techniques which will allow their malicious snapchat message to go viral. They use ‘shocking’ and ‘breaking’ titles to lure unaware users to the malicious snapchat websites.

leaked snapchat scams
leaked snapchat scams


The victims are forced to share the ‘leaked snapchat’ website, before they are able to view the leaked snapchat message. Once they have shared the malicious website, they will be redirected to another malicious website which will serve them a malicious survey or application.

Most used titles to share malicious snapchat messages:

  • leaked snapchats
  • snapchat leaked photos
  • embarrassing snapchat leaks
  • Breaking snapchat photo
  • Shocking snapchat photo
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