Be aware of the iTunes your account has been blocked email

Cybercriminals have launched a new campaign which is hunting down unaware iTunes users. The hackers are sending a malicious crafted email which is titled ‘your account has been blocked!!’.┬áThe cybercriminals have used the [email protected] email account to send the malicious iTunes your account has been blocked campaign.

Be aware as this is a scam and it will lead to the loss of your iTunes account. The hackers behind this campaign are harvesting iTunes user accounts as this will allow them to purchase specific items via the Apple networks.

The message of the ‘Your Account has been Blocked!!’ iTunes e-mail scam:

Dear Customer,

We just need to verify that this email address and verify the Billing information belongs to you.

Simply click the link below and login using your email and password.

Update Now: [malicious link]

Please do not reply to this message

and enter the link to investigate information


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