Be aware the ‘Gay village in the Netherlands’ is a hoax

The members of a gay party have started a hoax in The Netherlands, the hoax claims that The Netherlands will create a village where gay people can stay. This hoax has gone viral as a lot of people are afraid of the rising violence against gay people.

Citing a report in local paper Brabants Dagblad, English-language news writes that there are currently plans in the city of Tilburg to build a gays-only neighborhood, which is being touted as a safe space for LGBT individuals to live. Dutch real estate developer Blauwhoed is said to be behind the idea.

Gay village hoax

We don’t think a gay village is the right solution to unsafe living surroundings for Dutch LGBTs,” local gay advocacy group COC has been quoted as saying, per Gay Star News. “LGBTs should be able to live safely in the entire country.”

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