Be aware of the Facebook profile update scam

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Hackers are sharing a fake Facebook Profile Update scam. The Facebook profile scam claims that it will update your Facebook page to the latest template which is being provided by Facebook.

This message is fake and it will try to infect the users with a malicious application.

This application is installed via a malicious website which will demand the users to install the application first. If the user does not follow the malicious website demands, the user will not be “able” to install the malicious package.

Be aware as hackers and scammers will launch various Facebook profile update scams.

  • Facebook Black
  • Facebook Red
  • Facebook Green
  • Facebook 2014
  • Facebook profile update

In the list above you will see various types of scams, which use the same method. If you think you have been infected, take a look at your Facebook applications settings, and disable the Facebook applications you do not want to use.

Fake Facebook Profile Update
Share this with people that should know this: