Be aware of the ‘Bush Blair leaked tape’ hoax

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A couple of days ago a satire website launched a viral Bush Blair leaked tape hoax. The ‘Bush/Blair tape to be leaked’ article claims that there is a video tape which shows how Bush and Blair are performing gay activities.

The post claims that there has been made a agreement between the Government inquiry, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood and the Electric Blue.

Bush Blair leaked tape

A publisher which publishes adult content. The agreement states that the infamous footage of Bush and Blair is allowed to be leaked.

electric blue bush and blair leaked tape
electric blue bush and blair leaked tape

Kim Kardashian and George Bush

There has been some speculation that continued lapses of memory demonstrated by both men are evidence that rohypnol may have been involved. Certainly neither can recall the couple doing it ‘doggy style’, with Blair adopting a coquettish yet supplicant poodle pose. Although, George Bush is alleged to have only turned to the UK to assist in his military action after being rebuffed by Kim Kardashian.

Katie Price

Both Bush and Blair have conceded that they ‘may have’ mislead the UN, caused thousands of needless deaths but both drew the line at appearing in a future tape with Katie Price.

bush blair leaked tape

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