Avyukt: Exploitation Framework

Avyukt is a Exploitation Framework which can be used to generate Malicious Payloads that in order will exploit the Windows OS.

Features of Avyukt Payload

Here are some of the python features which are found in the default Avyukt Payloads:

  • Screenshot Ability
  • Upload Files
  • Download Files
  • Webcam Hacking and streaming live (I have not added it in this release as it is not stable, I will add it in the next update)
  • Execute any System Command (notepad.exe or any other system command)
  • Directory Navigation (cd command)
  • Persistent

Setting Up Avyukt

To use the Framework, You can simply download it as a ZIP File or you can clone it using this command

git clone https://github.com/Vedant-Bhalgama/Avyukt.git

Download Avyukt


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