Avril Lavigne pictures and videos leaked by hackers and scammers

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Avril Lavigne seems to be the latest celebrity which has been targeted by scammers and hackers. The scammers have launched dozens of fake websites which claim to hold the private video of Avril Lavigne, but once you land on the page which claims to hold the Avril Lavigne leaked tape, you will see that the page is loaded with malicious content and advertisements which claim to be clean of malware.

The advertisements are used by the scammers to generate an online income by luring thousands of unaware internet users to fake pages, the hackers will try to infect the devices or accounts of the users by sending them files and links which will download or initiate malicious activities. In the most cases the cybercriminals and hackers use Trojans and phishing e-mails to obtain information, but it is also possible for them to obtain this information by forcing the unaware users to provide information to a fake survey.

The Avril Lavigne leaked tape post got our attention as the hackers also have claimed to have leaked the pictures of Kelly Brooks.


If you see someone sharing posts that claim to hold leaked pictures then be very aware. These posts are often linked to viruses, malware and Trojans which will [email protected]#@!# your computer or device.

Stay vigilant and inform your environment about these dangerous scams and hacks.

Share this with people that should know this: