[EXCLUSIVE] Social media auto post tool

Are you searching for a tool that allows you to post to multiple groups on multiple social media networks in one time? Then you might want to take a look at the Social media auto post tool. This tool beats all the WordPress, Drupal and Facebook plugins as they only allow you to share a specific post to a specific group. If you own a news website or a big community you want to share your content on a lot of social media networks.

Before I start explaining how the Social media auto post tool works you might want to consider to take a look at the Disqus social media tool as this tool allows you to make a online revenue. The Disqus social media tool works in the following way. Once the author on the website posts a content and allows the Disqus module to manage the comments, the Disqus social media tool will provide advertisment related to the content that just got published. This allows the viewers to view advertisments as they want to comment on your website. If the visitor uses the Disqus social media tool, the author will earn some revenue from Disqus. Once you hit the 100 dollar bar in the Disqus social media tool, the Disqus revenue will be transfered to your PayPal account. Publishers can also use the Chitika affiliate program to earn revenue online.

LinkedIn auto post tool

The LinkedIn auto post tool allows you to post multiple messages to the LinkedIn social media network in one time. This can be very handy if you manage multiple LinkedIn groups which discuss the same topics that you want to share. It is not a long time ago since LinkedIn updated their social media network. If you want to share a message on LinkedIn manually you will have to provide a Title and a URL before the message will get recognized by the LinkedIn social media network. In the early days of LinkedIn you only had to provide a URL and the content would populate itself.

Facebook auto post tool

If you want to use the Facebook auto post tool you will need to remind that Facebook will ban you if you post in a spammy way. This can be solved to use a managed social media auto post tool which will post the content at a specific time rate. This will allow the publisher to share the website content on the Facebook social media network without getting banned. This is not a trick or a hack as it uses a timer to post content automaticly on the Facebook groups and pages.

Twitter auto post tool

The Twitter auto post tool allows you to Tweet various messages on the Twitter social media network. The automated Tweet tool provides a option that allows you to insert and select hashtags that you want to use. The hashtags are used on Twitter to specify a specific channel. The channel #security is often viewed by security experts and people that work in the information security world. The hashtag #anonymous is often viewed by the Anonymous hacktivist collective. Once you start using the Twitter auto post tool with the hashtags option you will see that you will reach a wider audiance.

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