Dan Bilzerian twitter account hacked

The twitter account of Dan Bilzerian has been breached. Today the twitter account started to tweet racist messages and everything that follows when you deal with with a verified ‘hacked’ account that has millions of Read more

Fake: Henry Winkler Dead at 77

Fake news is being spread about Henry Winkler, the fake news states that he has died at the age of 77. The fake news is hosted on conservativetears, and it is known for publishing fake Read more

Pirates Bay free download software

On the Pirates Bay you can download free software, and you can do that directly by using a Torrent client. This Torrent client enables you to freely download Torrents from the Pirates Bay and other Read more

The Pirate Bay – Full access

I had a hard time to find the real Pirate Bay websites, but after some research, I was able to find 36 Pirate Bay torrent sites that you can use to download torrents. In this Read more

Torrent guide: What is a Torrent

You’ve probably heard a lot about downloading torrents, bittorrent and such, but what is bittorrent and torrent actually and how do you download a torrent? In this post we will explain exactly how this works. Read more

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