Audit Log Wipe: Understanding Event 1102

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Hello, cyber guardians! Today, we’re exploring Event 1102. If you’re thinking that’s just another number in a sea of events, think again. This event signals that the audit log has been cleared. Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

What is it?

Event 1102 is like the alarm bell that rings when someone hits the ‘reset’ button on the audit log. Simply put, it means that all previous entries in the audit log have been wiped clean. It’s like a chalkboard that has been scrubbed of all its doodles and equations.

What does it mean?

Now, you might be asking, “Why should I care if the audit log was cleared?” Well, my friend, that’s because the audit log is like a diary of a system’s activities. It tells you who did what and when. So, if it’s been cleared, it’s like pages of that diary have been torn out.

Clearing the audit log could mean someone is trying to hide their tracks. It could be a sign of nefarious activities or it might just be a well-intentioned housekeeping task. Either way, it’s something you need to know about.

What is Expected?

As the cyber guardians, it’s your job to figure out why the audit log was cleared. You need to find out who did it and for what reason. You’re the detective in this cyber whodunit.

Things to Search For

So, what clues should you be looking for? Here are some pointers:

  1. Who cleared the log: The identity of the person who cleared the log can give you valuable insights. Was it a system admin performing routine maintenance or someone else?
  2. When the log was cleared: The timing of the log clearance could be important. Was it cleared during regular business hours or in the dead of the night?
  3. What was happening before the log was cleared: Check what activities were logged before the clearance. This could give you clues about why the log was cleared.
  4. Frequency of log clearances: If the log is being cleared frequently, it could be a sign that something fishy is going on.

Remember, Event 1102 isn’t something to be taken lightly. It could be a sign of someone trying to cover their tracks. So, keep your detective hat on and stay vigilant!

Reza Rafati

Reza Rafati, based in the Netherlands, is the founder of An industry professional providing insightful commentary on infosec, cybercrime, cyberwar, and threat intelligence, Reza dedicates his work to bolster digital defenses and promote cyber awareness.

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