Audi R8 Facebook Scam

This scam claims that Audi is going to giveaway an Audi R8 to one lucky Facebook user, well, I will have to disappoint you. The Audi R8 Facebook page which is claiming to giveaway a free Audi R8 is not the official Audi page, and this fake page is trying to collect personal information from unaware users and it is also trying to generate traffic to domains which are included in the Audi R8 Facebook scam.

The chance is very slim that you will receive a free Audi R8 or any other type of car which is classified as a “expensive” car. Scammers and hackers know this, and they will try to exploit this feeling by setting up fake pages like the Audi R8 Giveaway Facebook scam.

How to identify this Audi R8 Facebook scam

This particular scam can be identified by the message which is used to lure unaware Facebook users.

The Audi R8 Facebook scam message 2015:

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