Ashley Madison victims have been mapped on Google Maps

The Ashley Madison hack is massive and the hackers behind the AM hack are continuing to publish leaked and private AM information.

A researcher has taken the AM records and has mapped all the users to a Google Maps view.

It is quite funny to see the most active users are from Europe and The United States.

The research claims that 85% of the AM users are males.

Ashley Madison map

Crazy to see how an #Cheaters Community which contains 85% males can transform into a #Singles community within days #Hahaha

Ashley Madison inside job

The McAfee founder has claimed that the chance is very high that the attack on Ashley Madison was an inside job. He explains that the data which has been stolen from Ashley Madison clearly shows that the cybercriminal had an perfect insight on how the network and processes were arranged within Ashley Madison. He also claims that the Ashley Madison inside job was performed by  a female.

Ashley Madison users Google Maps

The after effects of the Ashley Madison hack are taking form and it is not only in the physical world. AM users have been mapped on Google Maps and it seems that everyone is interested in getting the actual Google maps view on the hacked Ashley Madison users. I am glad that no one has published a detailed map of the hacked Ashley Madison users.

The leaked Ashley Madison information is being used by cyber criminals, criminals and scammers to generate an revenue, and they are trying this in all kinds of ways.

The cybercriminals which have got their hands on the leaked Ashley Madison files are using the financial information to steal money from the credit card owners, but it does not stop there. The same cybercriminals will try to phish the Ashley Madison victims for more personal and financial information.

Phishing: The act of stealing information by imitating legal authorities and environments.

In some cases it is possible that the cybercriminal will try to infect the Ashley Madison victim with a Remote Administration Tool  (RAT), the RAT will allow the cybercriminal to fully control the infected device of the victim, allowing the cybercriminal to use the webcam, microphone, device and network of Ashley Madison victim.

It is also possible that the Ashley Madison victim will be blackmailed by the cyber criminals and criminals in order to perform various tasks which can include espionage.

So what can the Ashley Madison victims do?

The best thing which a Ashley Madison victim can do is to stay calm and positive. Remember that this is not the end of the world and if you were on the Ashley Madison site while you had a partner — this moment would have come sooner or later (that you will be exposed).

In your work environment

If you data has been leaked during the Ashley Madison breach, it is wise to inform your TOP employer of what has happend and that they should be aware of the fact that your data was included.

You do not need to explain any further, just make sure that they are aware and that they keep their eyes open for symptoms which might cause you harm.