Ashley Madison leaked database download

It seems that the Rex Mundi hackers have initiated a new cybercrime trend. The Rex Mundi hackers are known for hacking companies and websites, and once they have obtained access to the databases they will blackmail the victim, that a certain amount of money has to be paid, else the Rex Mundi hackers will make the database public.

Now a similar thing has happened with the Ashley Madison website, which is a site for married people that wish to cheat on their other halves, but in this case, the hackers have decided to blackmail the company, so that the company will have to shut itself down.

Ashley Madison leaked database download

Now a lot of cybercriminals and cyber security researchers will be looking for the leaked Ashley Madison database in order to download it.

I am warning everyone which is searching for the “Ashley Madison Leaked database”. Law enforcers are investigating this criminal act and it might be very possible that law enforcers and cybercriminals will publish fake databases in order to identify anyone which is interested in the database.

So no, you will not find the Ashley Madison database here.