As a parent, this is how you stop Momo

Official Peppa Pig page on Youtube

Use official sources

Now we have to consider the fact that some people are editing Momo into illegal versions of cartoons on the web, this means that you have to find legitimate sources on the web that will show the content that you want to view.


A quick way to have a filter for this, is to watch videos that are older than 2 years. This can be easily done by taking a look at the upload timestamp. This indication should lower the risk of your children have to see Momo, as at that moment, there was no Momo to be edited into the movie. And then you can still use the official sources of the cartoons, you can also consider using Netflix or other paid content providers.

View the comments

Before you allow them to watch a video, take a look at the comments below. This can also give you a good indication if Momo has been included in the video.