As a parent, this is how you stop Momo

There are some methods to keep your children safe from viewing Momo while they are online. In this article, we will discuss these methods to help you protect your children against potential Momo commercials, and other types of content.

The Momo challenge

Momo image
The original tale said a character with bulging eyes would “hack” into WhatsApp and set children dangerous “challenges” such as harming themselves.
Charities say there have been no reports of anybody being “hacked” or harming themselves as a result. BBC
However, the image is now being shared and copied into illegal versions of cartoons on Youtube and other online platforms.

How to protect your child against Momo

There is only one way you can protect your child against Momo, and this means that you have to be in control.

Install Ad-blocker

The first thing you should consider is installing an ad-blocker for Youtube, there are some providers for this, and these plugins, simply block Youtube commercials, so the risk of your child seeing Momo through a commercial is immediately dropped to 0%.