Armed door was not enough to save cybercriminal twins

The Russian cybercriminal twins have been arrested, after the Russian police had decided that they had collected enough information since 2012 to raid the house of the Russian cybercriminal twins.

The brothers, who are twins, were convicted for cybercrime in 2012, the judge had decided to give them a probationary period, but the twins were not able to stay out of trouble.

The Russian police noticed that the twins were stealing information via malware, they were using the malware to gain access to banking accounts and SMS codes.


The police performed their raid on May 20th. The hackers did implement physical security solutions like a “Armed door”, but this was not enough.

The Russian police has arrested the twins, and we will have to wait before we get more information about this case. The Russian security company Group-IB has published a blog post on their site on this subject.

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