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Armed Brazilian soccer fans during the World Cup 2014?

Take a look at the following video which shows how Brazilian soccer fans celebrate a goal by firing AK-47’s. As we all know the World Cup is going to be held in Brazil. What will the response be of the Brazilians when they lose? as when they score a goal, they immediatly start celebrating it by firing AK-47 bullets. The video is titled ‘Brazilian Soccer Fans Celebrate Goal By Firing Ak-47’ and it has been hosted on the WorldStarHipHop website.

If you watch the video below, you will see that once a goal has been made by the Brazilian soccer team, the fans start shooting AK-47 bullets.

You will see that not everyone is happy with the reaction of the Brazilian soccer fans.

Now that Germany has elimated Brazil from the FiFa world cup 2014, you can expect a lot of demonstrations and rebels on the street of Brazil. It is currently not safe to walk around in the streets of Brazil, as the country is in a raging mode after their defeat with Germany.


Live webcams around the FIFA world cup stadium:

  • http://www.vejoaovivo.com.br/mg/belo-horizonte/estadio-mineirao-av-antonio-abrahao-caram-990.html
  • http://radar.g1.globo.com/mg/belo-horizonte
  • http://www.earthcam.com/brazil/riodejaneiro/?cam=rio_copacabana
  • http://www.earthcam.com/brazil/riodejaneiro/?cam=rio_copacabana_north
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