Apple hires 200 security officers to stop iPhone 6 leaks

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The Apple company has hired 200 security officers, these security officers have been hired to stop the theft and leakages of critical ‘Apple’ information. Sonny Dickson reported that the 200 security experts will need to stop the stream of information which is being used by the (cyber) criminals.

Dickson claims that Apple started cracking down on the leaks, even to the point of hiring around 200 security personnel to track down anyone trying to leak parts or information about the iPhone 6 or its peripherals. Espionage is a very important factor.

Competitors will  hire hackers to steal information from their selected targets. A perfect example is the Aeroflot case, the owner of ChronoPay paid 20 000 dollar to two hackers. These hackers were paid to start a DDoS attack on the competitors of ChronoPay.

 Tweet from Dickson on iPhone 6

Maclife reports that:

It’s worth wondering how effective it’ll be. The news comes almost exactly two years after Tim Cook stated at an AllThingsD conference that “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products. I’m serious.” The truth, however, is that rarely a day goes by when some new rumor about Apple’s next product surfaces.


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