Anyone who tells you that your data is secure today is lying to you

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Security is a feeling, you can walk around in the city feeling secure, but once you turn a corner, you might get stabbed. The chances are not very high, but the chance is there. The same goes for cyber security. (Good) Cyber security professionals and consultants will always tell you that the security measures which have been implemented will only protect you to a certain known level, they will always tell you that you need to keep continuing the development and maintenance of the security solutions and services which have been implemented in the environment.

The reason behind this is very simple; cybercriminals, hackers and government agencies will try to gain specific information from environments, and in order to reach this, they will use zero-day exploits, social engineering attacks and known exploits to gain access to the desired data. It is even possible for the attackers to “Apply” for a job at the environment that they wish to breach. This will allow them to investigate the environment at a steady and covert pace.

Lawmakers are in a cyber security rush to prevent the NSA from gaining additional private information via the new cyber security bill. The new cyber security bill would allow them to collect various types of private information, and the lawyers are worried that the information which is collected might be misused by the NSA.

Forbes recently published a post “Good Cyber Security Can’t Be Bought At Wal-Mart” which explains that good security cannot simply be bought from resellers or stores, they explain that it is awareness and skills of the employees which will allow a certain security level in the company, and I have to agree with Forbes on this one. You are as strong, as your weakest link.

Singapore has Launched a new Cyber security Agency which will allow security professionals to fight the cybercriminals and bad guys which are lurking in the shadows of the internet. In a interview with the Wall Street Journal, the founder of the new cyber security agency stated that the decision to create the security agency had been made after they understood that the cyber security threats are becoming a serious threat to the well being of the citizens and the city/country.

Share this with people that should know this: