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Anti-surveillance application that each hacktivist needs

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Surveillance is going to be a big topic in 2015. We have had the Charlie Hebdo attacks and we have seen how various agencies are capable of tracking down hacktivist and demonstrators by tapping in to their devices which they use for communication.


The SnoopSnitch application has been crafted to analyze your mobile radio traffic. It is the radio traffic analyzer which allows the user (you) to know if someone is snooping on their communication streams. The SnoopSnitch application will find fake mobile base stations and SS7 exploits that might target you and your device.

SnoopSnitch 2

SnoopSnitch is an German creation and it has been crafted by the German outfit Security Research Labs. The SnoopSnitch application is available for free on the Android Play store – do note that if you want to install this application you will need an rooted Android device that uses the Qualcomm chipset.

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