Anti homeless floor studs

The governments of the United States & The United Kingdom are using Anti Homeless floor studs to hold homeless people  from certain locations.

The image below shows how the government is using ‘metal’ spikes as Anti homeless floor studs.

The homeless floor studs are made in a specific way so it will make it impossible for the homeless people to stay on those locations.

Location where the picture was taken

The property, a building of flats on Southwark Bridge Road, has a series of at least 17 inch long metal studs embedded in the floor of an alcove next to the doorway.

Anti homeless floor studs
Anti homeless floor studs

It is unbelievable that people use these anti homeless floor studs! 

Anti Homeless Studs pictures

We decided to take a closer look at the picture which was provided. We chopped and zoomed in at the Anti Homeless Floor studs picture which is being shared on social media networks.

The picture have angered a lot of people in the United Kingdom and The United States as they claim that it is unhumane to place homeless studs at the location where the homeless people spend their time. Instead of spending money on the anti-homeless-studs, the financials could have been spend on helping the homeless people.


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