Anonymous World Cup 2014 target list

Anonymous hacktivists have published a statement, which holds the message that Anonymous hackers will initiate a cyber-attack on the World Cup sponsors. The Anonymous hacktivists and hackers are claimed that they are going to attack each World Cup sponsor.

It would not be strange, if Anonymous would attack World Cup affiliated companies and sponsors. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is having a lot of negative comments as the Brazilian enforcement agencies are trying to secure the Brazilian FIFA environments in a very violent way. The favelas in Brazil are known to be poor and violent places.

Anonymous target lists

Anonymous hackers have used target lists before to increase the hit rate of their cyber attacks. Anonymous May 7 Target List Includes 12 Large Credit Unions, Anonymous targets Israeli websites. Anonymous #opKillingbay targetlist. United States target list.

Partial List of Anonymous victims


  • Amazon
  • AU Department of Communications
  • AU House of Parliament
  • Austria Federal Chancellor
  • Austria Ministry of Economy
  • Austria Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Austria Ministry of Justice


  • Banco de Brazil
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • BMI


  • Caixa
  • Catholic Diocese of Orlando
  • Church of Scientology
  • CIA
  • Citibank


  • Egyptian Government
  • Egyptian National Democratic Party


  • FBI
  • Fine Gael
  • French Presidential Site


  • Greek Department of Justice


  • HBGary Federal


  • Irish Department of Finance
  • Irish Department of Justice
  • Itau


  • Malaysian Government
  • Mastercard
  • Mexican Chamber of Deputies
  • Mexican Interior Ministry
  • Mexican Senate
  • MPAA
  • Muslim Brotherhood


  • New Zealand Parliament


  • Office of the AU Prime Minister
  • Orlando Chamber of Commerce


  • PayPal
  • Polish Government
  • Polish Internal Security Agency
  • Polish Ministry of Culture
  • Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Polish Police
  • Polish President
  • Polish Prime Minister
  • RIAA
  • Rotary Club of Orlando


  • Slovenia NLB
  • SOHH
  • Sony
  • Spanish Police
  • Swiss bank PostFinance
  • Syrian Central Bank
  • Syrian Defense Ministry
  • Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs


  • Government of Tunisia


  • UMG
  • US Copyright Office
  • US Department of Justice
  • US Senate


  • Visa
  • Warner Brothers


  • Zimbabwe Government

Possible World Cup 2014 target list

anonymous fifa world cup 2014 potential target list
anonymous fifa world cup 2014 potential target list
anonymous fifa world cup 2014 potential target list 2
anonymous fifa world cup 2014 potential target list 2

Brazilian anti-World Cup (h)activists have called for protests in 50 cities across Brazil. Teachers, civil servants, transport workers and street cleaners are going to strike and take actions against the FIFA World Cup 2014. A couple of hours ago a video got published on Youtube which contained a direct message to the U.S. President. The Anonymous message to Barack Hussein Obama contains footage of the promises which President Barack Obama made during 2012. The footage continues to show how the U.S. has evolved in an police state.

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