Anonymous Tunisia hacks large amount of Israeli websites

The Anonymous hacktivists from Tunisia have published a massive list of hacked Israeli websites.

Anonymous Tunisia has published the hacked Israeli websites on various Pastebin websites.

The websites are listed in a alphabetical order.

Anonymous Tunisia

Anonymous Tunisia hacktivists have left a message in the Pastebin files which they have published.

They ‘greet’ the following hackers:

  • LOLA
  • Nabster Junior
  • Vinux
  • 5orda
  • AnonRev

Defaced websites

The hackers have defaced the websites and have left a malicious html page on the hacked websites.

The hacked page contains the following filename:

  • anontn.html

Google query

With a simple Google Query you will be able to find the various websites which are currently infected. Be aware that these websites need to be indexed by Google.

Hacked websites:

  • List 1 Full List of +500 Israeil sites hacked by Anonymous Tunisia
  • List 2 – identical to list 1.
  • List 3  Final Part of Isreail Sites Hacked By Anonymous Tunisia #
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