Anonymous targets Dailydot in Operation Destroy Daily Dot

Anonymous has decided that they are going to target their tools on the DailyDot news platform because the DailyDot has been providing the “hacker” Sabu a platform to release his views and thoughts.

Anonymous Operation Destroy Daily Dot #opDDD

The Anonymous hackers have published two Pastebin’s (1,2) which contain information on the operation that targets Dailydot.

Anonymous #opDDD message

The First Anonymous DailyDot operation pastebin starts with the following text:

Anonymous must make an example out of the cancer

Anonymous must make an example out of the cancer which seeks to build their careers, and use our legion as their platform to build their own personal wealth while at the same time pushing their benevolent daggers deep into our backs. For too long some have felt they could support those who seek to destroy us while also expecting support from us and calling themselves part of our community. This cannot go unpunished nor ignored. We cannot allow this plague to run rampant within our community, therefore we have decided to destroy that which we ourselves have helped build. Anonymous has observed the treachery overtime and most recently seen through the actions of the DailyDot and those who enable it.

In the piece above you can clearly see that Anonymous is going after Sabu after he created a stream of wealth for himself. In the same piece of text, you can see that they are going to target Dailydot for providing this chance to Sabu.

In the following piece which has been published in the first PasteBin post you can see that the Anonymous collective claims that they are going to demolish Sabu and the Dailydot network – but they will do it in a “organized and non-aggressive” way?

Anonymous does not attack media nor does it censor it

Anonymous does not attack media nor does it censor it, however there are various ways to hold those who build their media empires and careers on the backs of movements, actions, and individuals accountable. #OpDDD / Operation Destroy Daily Dot is a boycott action, given that Daily Dot was given its credibility, celebrity, and wealth on the back of Anonymous and our operations, we seek to destroy it in the same manner it rose.

The first PasteBin file continues to explain that the Anonymous collective is going to SPAM the inboxes of the DailyDot website:

We require all those who support Anonymous or have benefited from our actions

We require all those who support Anonymous or have benefited from our actions in the past to get behind this operation, we ask of you to email, call, snail mail and boycott the advertisers listed within this link: and together we must shun all who refuse to collaborate with this action and instead support a traitor. We must hold people in our community accountable for supporting a snitch and his enablers or they must pay by being publicly shunned and forbidden from our social circles and use of our resources.

The Anonymous #opDDD video

My opinion

This Anonymous operation is only helping Sabu to grow in the media. Each second the Anonymous collective gives attention to Sabu is another win for Sabu. Do not shoot the messenger, or the platform which is hosting the message. Ignore the messenger, and it will fade away.

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