Anonymous Sudan performs Cyberattacks on Kenya

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The hacking group, Anonymous Sudan, has claimed responsibility for multiple cyberattacks on Kenya, targeting numerous critical infrastructures.

The hacktivist group announced their cyber onslaught on their Telegram channel, stating that they had significantly harmed Kenyan network infrastructures.

Details of the Attack

According to the hacking collective, the cyberattack affected various essential Kenyan websites, causing significant disruptions.

The assault purportedly impacted the following sites:

  1. eCitizen Portal:
  2. Kenyan Commercial Bank:
  3. Safaricom:
  4. The Standard:
  5. Kenya News Agency:

The group also claimed that hundreds of other critical infrastructures in Kenya had been affected, but declined to list them. In their previous attacks, Anonymous Sudan performed a DDOS attack on OnlyFans.

Anonymous Sudan message on Telegram showing their attacks on Kenya
Anonymous Sudan message on Telegram showing their attacks on Kenya

Reason for the Attack

The hackers cited interference from Kenya in Sudanese affairs as the motive behind the cyber onslaught. They alleged that the Kenyan president had been undermining the Sudanese government’s sovereignty, thus straining the relationship between the two nations. Anonymous Sudan vowed to continue these attacks to “teach its arrogant government a lesson.”

Anonymous Sudan motivation to attack Kenya (As shared on Telegram)
Anonymous Sudan motivation to attack Kenya (As shared on Telegram)
Kenya has been attempting to meddle in Sudanese affairs and released statements doubting the sovereignty of our government. It's president has destroyed the ties between the 2 countries and we will not allow him to further interfere in our affairs and think it'll come with no consequences. 

Kenyan critical infrastructure has been targeted and will continue to be targeted to teach its arrogant government a lesson to not meddle in Sudanese internal affairs and what Sudan can do to it

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Note: This report is based on claims made by the hacktivist group, Anonymous Sudan. No official statements confirming the extent or veracity of these cyberattacks have been released by the Kenyan government or the alleged affected entities at the time of this report.

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