Anonymous Sudan Launches DDoS Attacks on Kenyan and Israeli Websites

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Hacktivist group, Anonymous Sudan, has reportedly targeted Kenyan and Israeli websites with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The group announced the attacks via their Telegram channel, claiming that the operations were conducted for ‘fun’ and would only end when the targeted sites regained functionality.

Anonymous Sudan
Anonymous Sudan

Details of the Attacks

Anonymous Sudan specifically targeted the website of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), effectively causing disruptions for anyone that tried to access the website. This attack was confirmed through a report shared on, a platform for hosting checks and website availability testing.

Anonymous Sudan DDoS attack on Israeli websites
Anonymous Sudan DDoS attack on Israeli websites

The cyber assault was reportedly motivated by what the hackers described as Kenya’s meddling in Sudanese matters. They accused the Kenyan leader of undermining the sovereignty of the Sudanese government, which they claim has caused tensions between the two countries. Anonymous Sudan has pledged to maintain their aggressive cyber activities as a means to “educate its overbearing government.”


The recent cyber activities by Anonymous Sudan fall under the banner of ‘hacktivism’ – the use of hacking to promote or advance political or social causes. This case marks a growing trend where hacktivist groups leverage DDoS attacks to disrupt services and draw attention to their causes. Such attacks can cripple online services, causing significant financial and reputational damage.

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Note: This report is based on claims made by the hacktivist group, Anonymous Sudan. No official statements confirming the extent or veracity of these cyberattacks have been released by the Kenyan government or the alleged affected entities at the time of this report.

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