Anonymous Sudan demands 200K ransom from The Kenyan government

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In a series of disruptive cyberattacks, hacking group Anonymous Sudan has targeted Kenyan government’s digital infrastructure over the past week. The group has now posted a message on their Telegram channel presenting two conditions to cease the attacks immediately.

The Cyber Offensive

Anonymous Sudan claims to have extensively infiltrated the Kenyan government’s systems, causing significant harm. While specifics about the extent of the damages have not been provided, the group’s claims suggest a wide-reaching attack on Kenya’s digital infrastructure.

Anonymous Sudan threatens Kenya Government with Ransom demand of 200K
Anonymous Sudan threatens Kenya Government with Ransom demand of 200K

The Hacker’s Ultimatum

In their Telegram message, the group proposes an ultimatum: halt all attacks if either of the two conditions they present is fulfilled.

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The first condition is an official apology from the Kenyan government to Sudan. The reason for this demand remains unclear, with no explicit grievances stated in the group’s message.

The second condition is a payment of 200,000 US dollars in bitcoin, to be sent to a specified address.

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